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Details, Details, Details!

Hello beautiful people!
Finally I have some time to sit down and blog about this whole moving back to Africa business! Lots of you have been asking me questions. Well, here are all the answers 🙂

First of all I just want to say a huge THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has been praying for me, helping me with my fundraising, encouraging me, making financial contributions etc. You are so loved and so appreciated! I am such a blessed little woman who loves Jesus 🙂

So the first step of my next African adventure deeper into Gods heart of love will begin in Pemba, Mozambique. I will be attending a school for missionaries there called Harvest School which is run by Iris Ministries. Here is a little info about what it is from our student manual:

“Harvest school is a school for those who have a clear call to missions. All giftings are welcome and it is definitely not just open for pastors or leaders. It a school to train and equip a new breed of missionaries, a generation of laid down lovers who will run into the darkest corners of the earth, call in the outcasts, bring in His bride and compel the poor to come to the wedding feast.
You can see Jesus in the eyes of the dying, the broken and the lost. He came with ceaseless love for both the one and the masses. Now we must do the same- stop for the one but believe for the multitudes. We are called to carry His glory, but first we must lie down so that whole nations can come to Jesus.
For this purpose, Iris Ministries it thrilled to present our international missions training schools based in the northern province of Mozambique. To come and be trained on the field. Live, love, and learn from the poor.”

I am overcome with excitement about the school!! It goes from June 1st- August 9th. I know that it’s going to be such a precious time for me and the Lord. I am praying that He just fills me with more and more of His love for Him which looks like more and more love for my neighbor (my poor neighbor, my unlovely neighbor, my mean neighbor, my sister/neighbor, my mother/father/neighbor, my hungry neighbor, my neighbor who lives on a different continent etc) and then when I leave the school I can just pour all that love He’s given me out on each person I come into contact with, especially the children I will be serving in Cameroon.

That brings us to step two of my journey. After completing the school I will be moving to Cameroon to live a dream God has been burning my heart with for quite a while now. I will be living and working and loving in an orphanage in a village called Bossa. Right now there are about 30 children at the orphanage ranging from age 18 months to 12 years old. My ministry description will evolve overtime so that I can learn all of the aspects of what it takes to work in and oversee an orphanage from caring for the kids, to going shopping for the food, to doctoring them up, to tutoring the kids, to teaching them the Bible, to praying with the children, but upon arrival my primary responsibility will be to simply pour my life into loving and caring for the children. For more info about the orphanage you can visit

So that’s the plan for the next phase of my life: simply to love God more and to love people more. I am so thankful for the opportunity to throw my life away for the Beautiful One. Oh, to lose my life only to find it again in Him! What a gift!

So, to all of you who live in the area I’d like to invite you out to my fundraiser. Obviously, moving half way across the world is quite expensive hehe 🙂 But, my Father is faithful to take care of me so I’m not worried. The event is happening at a coffee shop in Atlanta on Friday March 23rd at 7pm. Email me or comment on this post for more details and I will send you an evite. However, if you can’t make the event, but would still like to sow into what I’m doing you can do so by clicking the donate button to the left.

Most importantly, if you have time to pray for me that would be amazing! Here are some prayer requests I have:
-safety while traveling and especially while living in Cameroon
– protection against diseases (specifically malaria and cholera)
-protection against witchcraft and curses
-more love everyday to pour onto the children
-financial provision (believing for $300 per month)
-wisdom, revelation
-a heart of compassion

All my love,