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Update 7.5.12

Greetings from the beautiful land of Pemba, Mozambique. Internet here is quite inconsistent and I only have a limited amount of time, but I wanted to quickly come to town and try to get online to type a short blog letting you all now that I am having the absolute time of my life and thank you for letting Papa God use you to help make this possible. I am overflowing with gratefulness. I pray His richest blessings over all of you. Since I don’t have much time im gunna get straight to the point. For the past 4 weeks I have gotten totally wrecked by the love of God. Ive never felt so deep inside of His massive heart of love. He has given me a lot of direction for my life since Ive been here, He has been restoring my identity as His daughter and taking away that orphan spirit through so much time of intimacy with Him just dwelling in His heart, He has given me so much freedom, He has revealed to me His heart for family and restored my broken image of family and marriage, He has brought me into such a deeper place of intimacy with Him than ever before, He has shown me His power through miracles, He has killed me (in a good way) and then gave me new life which I give over to Him again everyday and so so so much more things I dont have time to write.  But I think my favorite thing that He has done is shown me how FUN He is. Hahahahahaha!! OMG God is so much fun! Serving Him is fun! Worshipping Him is fun, dying for Him is fun, living for Him is fun, starving for Him is fun, eating for Him is fun!! He’s just fun!  Joy unspeakable! This past 4 weeks has been the biggest craziest most fun party ive ever been to (and ive been to quite a few lol). Ok here are some quick highlights of my time here so far:
·         The first day we got here was Children’s Day and we fed 5,000 hungry children!
·         Im involved in a  drama discipleship program here that I love. I get to worship Jesus through the arts with children from poor villages all around our area every week
·         I got to see God multiply food. More kids showed up at our program than we expected and God multiplied the rice and beans to make it enough to feed all the extra children plus have some left over to feed some kids begging for food outside of the gate
·         God has been using me to love babies and little children here. When I first got here I was paranoid about germs and difficulty with communicating and stuff, but over the past few weeks God has given me grace to go into the villages and hold the children and babies  and love them and pray for them even when they are peeing on me and pooping on me and their open sores are oozing on me.
·         God gave me a clear word to go into full time missions, He said that I will marry someone who is also called to full time missions and He will bless us with a huge family with many adopted children, showed me some of the nations Im going to go to and promised me enough resources to feed thousand s of orphans in many nations including Cameroon
OK, my time is up. Gotta go. My biggest prayer request is for God to help me not miss my nephew Zuri so much. That’s the hardest part about being here. Love you!